Hardelot en vidéo



In 1905, John Whitley, owner of the castle of Hardelot since 1897, is charmed by the site. He wants to make Hardelot the new fashionable seaside resort and sports center. It brings together in its Board of Directors industrialists as well as Parisian and foreign personalities, including Prince Tata of Bombay and the Duke of Argyll of England.


As early as 1908, the famous architect Louis-Marie Cordonnier, a friend of John Whitley, realized 20 vast and singular villas that still characterize Hardelot today. Including that in 1911, of the illustrious aviator Louis Blériot, designer of the first French airplane, the ancestor of the sailing yacht.


Hardelot soon achieved immense success, especially among the British aristocrats and the pioneers of that period. In her hours of glory she also welcomed King George V and Queen Mary, as well as the sovereigns of Belgium (in 1917). Since Hardelot has modernized, but still keeps its charming airs of old.